What is archery equipment and what do you need to play


Archery equipment is a game where there are two teams. Each team has five players. The teams play opposite to one another and are separated by the safe zone. The objectives of the game are to hit the opponents and knock out the five discs of the opposing team. Players are eliminated when they are hit by an arrow. A player can come back even after being eliminated if their team hits one of the other teams red disks or if a team mate is able to catch an arrow. 

The game is safe and friendly. It can be played both outdoors and indoors. The game is a combination of dodge ball, laser tag, traditional archery and paint ball. It is widely popular and is a growing sensation that everyone is talking about. Archery tag is thrilling and with the right archery equipment, it is very safe. In order to play safely a player should have the needed equipment. You will need good bows, foam-tipped arrows, arm guards, face masks and inflatable bunkers that act as obstacles. Other then these there are other types of guards and obstacles available.

We have many kinds of products that you can choose to buy from. We offer high quality archery tag equipment if you get a license. We sell also great archery tag equipment that are ideal for playing archery tag even packages that include every thing that you need. One of tne favorite product is the 12 pcs foam tipped arrow for archery combat. They are very safe to use and can be shot from a bow effectively. There are other great products in our online shop. The Bear Archery titan bow is a spectacular product too that gives you an advantage in the game of archery.

  • Archery bows: 
  • The bows are made of durable fiberglass limbs and has a leather cover. The draw weight ranges from 25 to 35 lb. They are perfect for the shooting archery tags and regular arrows. The bows are very safe.
  • Foam tipped arrows:
  • Foam tipped arrows have flat foam tips making them harmless but a lot of fun. The arrows can endure a maximum draw weight and length of 35 pounds at 28 inches. The shafts are made from fiberglass and carbon making them extra flexible and durable
  • Arm Guards:
  • Great arm guards can be found that are made from heavy leather. They do an excellent job at protecting the inner forearm. They are easy to put on and they stay on perfectly.
  • Face masks:
  • The face masks are made with extra special care as they are a very important safety feature. They are made to give protection and comfort. It is one product that you must get.
  • Inflatable Bunkers: 
  • These make the game all the more enjoyable. They act as shields so they are key in game strategy.

Archery equipment is an exciting game that everyone should experience. The thrill of going after an opponent and the possibility of getting shot pumps adrenaline through the system. It is very important that you do not attempt to play the game with amateur home made substitutes. That would not be very safe. Make sure to get the best Products to make your game fast flowing and safe.

10 Player Kit

  • 10 Archery Bows
  • 20 Bow strings with Finger Savers
  • 10 Masks
  • 60 Arrows
  • 6 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 2 Foam Target Stands
  • + Shipping and Import Duties not included

12 Player Kit

  • 12 Archery Bows
  • 24 Bow strings with Finger Savers
  • 12 Masks
  • 62 Arrows
  • 6 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 2 Foam Target Stands
  • + Shipping and Import Duties not included

24 Player Kit

  • 24 Archery Bows
  • 48 Bow strings with Finger Savers
  • 24 Masks
  • 116 Arrows
  • 12 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 4 Foam Target Stands
  • + Shipping and Import Duties not included