Archery Equipments Kit -36 Player Kit
July 11, 2016
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Archery Equipment Arrow Kit with Foam Balls
October 18, 2016
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Archery Bow for Archery Equipment Bow Kits



This is one of the archery tag equipment you will essentially need to enjoy your friendly battle archery sport. The sport combines various elements from the paintball, dodgeball to the traditional archery which can best be played both outdoors and indoors. Alongside a strong exclusive tag bow, the game requires some basic skills which give room for additional blends of expertise.
A durable, smooth tag bow is what defines your archery prowess. Quality and affordable products come in handy when serving our valued customers. Here we have a variety of spectacular tag bows to suit your gaming needs. From the durable fiberglass to the stylish leather bows, we surely got your back!
In sporting and entertainment needs, safety is vital to ensure the well-being of the players. The smooth finish with curved design clears any doubt of sharp or rough surfaces that can possibly trigger an injury. The traditional bows are also available and most are the creatively designed handmade products by some of our talented artisans.
Having the right tag bow will guarantee an enjoyable combat game with your friends, family and colleagues. This will work your skills out to competence and the younger ones will have something for their lifetime, learning the basic skills with progressive growth.

Draw Weight 25lbs -28lbs
Brace Height :7.7″
Bow Weight :1.8lbs
Bow Length :54 inch (137cm)
Hand: Right&left hand