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October 18, 2016
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October 18, 2016
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Archery Equipment Arrow Kit with Foam Balls


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We sell archery tag arrows and other kinds of arrows with foams heads in best price. Truth be told, archery tag is becoming one of the most popular sporting activities in and around the world. Archery tag is basically a mix of dodge ball paintball and laser tag, as well. It combines some of the best practices of three sports while bringing in an aspect and skill of archery. If this is the kind of sport you are thinking of getting yourself into, here are 4 top archery tag equipment you need in order to get started.

If you want to be a skillful archer and edge over other players, obviously, you will need the best archery tag bows. You would want something that will give you precision and most importantly perfection every time you shoot at your opponents.

One of the main objectives of archery tag is to tag players from the other team with your foam tipped arrows; another reason why archery tag foam tipped arrows are very essential. Just like your bows, you will need these kinds of arrows. When you arrow hits a member from the other team, he or she get eliminated and your earn points for your team.

Archery arm guards can make a whole new difference when it comes to great shooting. They provide you safety, as well as, support in your shooting. However, just like any other purchase you make today, shoppers are always advised to find arm guards that are right for them. For example, it is important you buy good quality arm guard and those that can fits.


Diameter: 54mm
Height: 50mm
Foam material: EVA
Arrow Shaft length: 80cm

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