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June 14, 2017
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Arrow Tag Equipment refers to a harmless thrilling combat sport that involves the use of bows and arrows. It’s just like the olden traditional battles where bows were the current guns and arrows the bullets. The rules they used are still the same, that is to focus and shoot the target. The other rule is being extra careful from being shot. However, what makes Arrow Tag interesting is that there is nothing close to bloodshed. This is due to the special twist made on the equipment used to play, which includes:

  • tag arrows with foam tips. A round or cylindrical foam replaces the sharp tip of the arrow. This foam tip is safe to play with as it just bounces off the body when hit.
  • tag bows. These are used for shooting the arrows.
  • Face masks. These are meant to comfort the participant no matter how safe the sport is. They cover the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears; thus protecting the participant.
  • Arm guards. These protect the arms.

Other Field Equipment used includes:

  • Inflatable Bunkers. These are placed on each team’s side of the field. They act as obstacles for the incoming arrows.
  • Five spot target. They are only two of them on the field, with one on each team’s side of the field separated by a safe zone.

The objective of every participant in an Arrow tag game is to hit as many participants on the opposing team as possible. The other is to hit the five spot target on the opponent’s side of the field. This is because the team with more players and spots available at the end of the game is crowned the winner.

Arrow tag equipment can be played among friends, family or workmates while celebrating a birthday, at events, camping sites, and much more. It’s for those above 8 years old. Those below 18 years should have a signed waiver agreement from their parents allowing them to play.